Xenin F4 - The DarkRP F4 menu

Xenin F4 - The DarkRP F4 menu
A modern & sleek F4 menu with the iconic Xenin design. It has all the basic DarkRP F4 features, with a lot of custom functionality built on top that will greatly enhance players experience

Xenin F4 adds custom features such as entity limit in menu, HTML descriptions, favourite jobs, commands, neat stats and much more!

You can easily add anything to the F4 menu you like. By default there are ways to add support for Xenin Inventory, Xenin Battle Pass, and Xenin Coinflip straight into the menu by just uncommenting a little code.

Thanks to

atlas - Creating the design that the jobs slideout panel is based on, and the design that was the inspiration for the sidebar

D34THC47 - Beta testing the menu, lots of bugs was fixed due to him.