TrueFish is the addon to satisfy all your fishing needs. If your map has water then TrueFish is a must!


TrueFish is the addon to satisfy all your fishing needs. If your map has water then TrueFish is a must!

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Main Features

1. Extensively configurable from an ingame menu, no Lua knowledge required!

2. Highly optimized code

3. Menu scales to player screen, so it looks great at any resolution

4. Two types of Fishing Rods, so whichever is selected provides different gameplay

5. Fish Cages allow for an easier, less effort requiring fishing

6. Fish Containers allow you add more complexity to fishing, but can be disabled in the config

7. Fish depth allows different fish to be caught at different depths

8. It's possible to catch junk when fishing, which is less valuable, and with Fishing Rods there are Money Bags which give money

9. Both Fishing Rods and Fish Cages have visual and sound cues to help fishers know when their cage is full or when they need to reel in the catch!

10. Supports DarkRP money system (so any gamemode that uses it as a base), PointShop and PointShop2 by default. It's fairly simple to add in custom currency for your gamemode.

Features to be added in the future:

-Configuration menu to add your very own fishes.

-[Possible] Configuration menu to add custom entities to be fishable with the physics based Fishing Rod.

-[Highly demanded customer suggestions]


To open the configuration menu, type: !truefish config in chat.

To add an NPC, type: !truefish addnpc models/eli.mdl in chat.

To remove an NPC, first look at the NPC and then type: !truefish removenpc in chat.

To completely reset the configuration you can run truefish_delete_cfg in the console while having superadmin or higher permissions.

Languages supported by default are English, French, Lithuanian and Chinese and can be selected in the config menu. For editing they can be found in \true fishing\lua\autorun\sh_language_localisation.lua.

Workshop conent

The workshop content, (, is automatically added by the addon, so you shouldn't need to add anything.

Support & Bug Report

Please use the ticket system for support. If you encountered a bug/error then paste the error in the ticket and/or explain a way to reproduce the bug.