PUBG Style Scoreboard

PUBG Style Scoreboard

This is a beautiful animated scoreboard designed for DarkRP styled after the PUBG inventory that works on all gamemodes. Along with a nice-looking player list, this also has a list of global server statistics including playtime, money, kills, deaths, and more. The player count is on the top right, and your system time is on the top left.

The scoreboard is designed to show information the player needs at a glance without the screen being cluttered up with useless data.

Preview of the scoreboard

Preview of the animated administration menu


  • Sorted by jobs: you won't see a mess of different colors.
  • Fully animated
  • Can mute players
  • Circle Avatars
  • Material circle effect when entries are clicked
  • Clean blur design
  • Playermodel that the player can drag around
  • Total player count in the top right
  • Local time in the top right
  • Right clicking on your name label up top opens a fancy menu to change your name
  • Styled like the inventory menu from PUBG View here
  • Clicking on a player's avatar takes you to their steam profile
  • Clicking on a player in general opens up a player card which shows more information about them, including ULX quick options for server administrators (kick, ban, spectate, teleport, jailtp, bring, etc.)
  • Can copy any data from player card by just clicking on said data
  • A list of fun server stats on the side, showing off the top players' money, kills, deaths, and playtime.
  • Icons for the server stats
  • You can create your own server stats with basic Lua knowledge with optional custom icons (if you know how to resource.AddFile them, etc.)
  • Scales to every screen resolution (I wouldn't recommend viewing this on a low resolution as text will likely be too small to read)
  • Nice custom fonts
  • Support for all gamemodes, running on DarkRP will add the most money statistic and money amount to staff trying to view player cards. If a gamemode does not work with this scoreboard, let me know immediately and I will patch in support.


Drop the addon folder into your garrysmod/addons folder and restart your server if it was already running. That's literally all there is to it.


  • Use workshop or fastdl
  • Toggle playercount and time displays on/off
  • Choose to display server hostname instead of the player's name at the top of the scoreboard
  • Make custom text display instead of name/hostname
  • Toggle job-colored borders around player entries
  • Setup nice names for ULX ranks (superadmin to Super Admin, etc.)
  • Setup which ranks the scoreboard considers to be staff (used for quick ULX menu,etc.)
  • Custom server stats
  • Use square or circle avatars

Workshop Content


I will not provide refunds after the script has been bought.

If you have any suggestions for stuff I can add, add a comment and I'll probably add it.

If you have any issues with this script, submit a support ticket through GmodStore.