[ Liko ] ◾ v2 ◾ Escape Menu ◾ MOTD

[ Liko ] ◾ v2 ◾ Escape Menu ◾ MOTD
A 2-in-1 script which works as an MOTD, escape screen, or both at the same time. Includes a wide variety of features such as server hopping, news slider, network website buttons, access to the default gmod menu, etc. Read the features list for a full list of what's included.

  • Can be used as an Escape Menu, MOTD (message of the day), or Both.
  • Includes server hopper feature to connect to other network servers
  • Network buttons connect players to server donation page, steam workshop collection, network forums, etc.
  • News ticker for broadcasting news to players
  • View ???? FEATURES tab to learn about all of the functionality this script includes.