IDInventory - Inventories, banks, rarities, & more!

IDInventory - Inventories, banks, rarities, & more!
An in-depth inventory system - resizable inventories & banks, item rarities, and more!

IDInventory 2 is an inventory system that puts the control in your hands. You have the ability to resize inventories, create custom inventories for any entity, create item rarities, and more - you have full control of how you want your inventory system to work.

Why would I buy & use this over other inventory systems?
  • Easy to configure
  • Works with any gamemode
  • Plenty of features (custom inventories, resizable inventories, item rarities, and more - view feature tab!)
  • DRM Free

How do custom/entity inventories work?

You can easily define an inventory for any SENT (scripted entity) or Vehicle, here's a config sample: