Ember - donation system, bans, loading screen & landing/index page

Ember - donation system, bans, loading screen & landing/index page
Ember is a web-based package that covers all of the basic needs of a gaming community. It features a sleek landing page with a matching loading screen, automatic donation handling through PayPal & Stripe and a custom ban management suite. All of the main features are fully optional and configurable.


Donation store

  • simple to set up automatic payments with PayPal IPN, Stripe & BitPay
  • modular payment processing allows for a custom implementation of any payment processor
  • unlimited packages for unlimited Garry's Mod and Rust servers
  • optional package expiration times and purchase limits
  • predefined actions for Ember role, DarkRP money, Pointshop 1 points, Pointshop 2 standard & premium points and permanent weapons
  • custom Lua actions for package redeemal and expiration
  • top donators & recent donations list

Ban management

  • store bans from all your servers into one database
  • web UI for ban management / public viewing
  • select which bans to enforce in which server
  • custom ban commands
  • #ban <(partial) name/SteamID64> <time in minutes (0 for permanent)> "<reason>" <global?>
  • #unban <SteamID64>
  • ban VGUI (#ban to open)
  • compatible with any admin mod that is supported by CAMI
  • optionally log bans and unbans made with ULX & SAM

Role sync

  • synchronize in-game groups into Ember roles and back
  • works with Garry's Mod (one group only) and Rust (no limitations)
  • ideal to use with the Forums DLC and Discord integration DLC (not endorsed or created by Discord)

Landing page

  • customizable feature cards
  • server listing with live map & players data
  • Discord section with a server card
  • community team cards with Steam profile info

Loading screen

  • connecting player information
  • Steam profile
  • DarkRP wallet & Pointshop points balance (MySQL)
  • map & gamemode info
  • "about us" & "rules" cards
  • download progress bar

Admin panel

  • simple yet detailed configuration
  • dashboard with store revenue statistics and transaction logs
  • role permission & user management
  • server manager with remote console
  • localization options