Civs - Wandering NPCs + DLCs

Civs - Wandering NPCs + DLCs
Civs is an advanced Nextbot-based script which adds random wandering citizens to your roleplay or TTT server.

Intelligent Behavior

Civs walk on side walks, cross along cross walks, and avoid minor obstacles. They politely say "Excuse me" when bumped into. When a Civ is witness to a crime, they will promptly run for their dear life, possibly calling the police (or detective) when they find a suitable corner to hide in. If a Civ is hurt or killed in DarkRP they drop a small amount of money. They can also be run over.

Minimally Intensive

Civs only spawn in areas where they can be seen, and they are removed when they wander too far out of sight. This system uses Potential Visibility Sets to calculate visibility, which is all precompiled into the map to minimize resource costs. Pathing is computed only once per new destination using a custom algorithm, and all dead bodies are entirely clientside to prevent physics lag.

Servers can have up to 150 Civs at a time with little to no drop in ping or framerate.

One little caveat, however, is that your navmesh must not exceed gargantuan size. Maps like Rockford and Evocity seem to have excruciating lag when using computer-generated navmeshes. If your server runs a large map, please use the free navmesh testing tool (see below) to see if Civs is right for you!

Free Test Available

If you're not sure if Civs will work on your server or map, you can download a free version on Use the navmesh editing swep and simplified Civ NPC to create a navmesh for your map. Once you're satisfied with the way the test Civs wander about, feel free to upgrade to the full version.

Highly Configurable

Civs includes over 40 config settings including wallet size, models, wander distance, walk speed, spawn settings, and everything in between. There are also plenty of useful hooks for developers. Civs is made with DarkRP and TTT specifically in mind.

Navmesh Editing Tools Included

Civs comes with a navmesh editing SWEP which simplifies the navmesh creation process and helps tremendously with navmesh tweaking. Video instructions on its use are available from within the SWEP's menu. Navmeshes are saved as maps/map_name.nav.

Navmeshes for some common RP maps are included. If users give me finished navmeshes I'll add them to the list.

Full list of finished navmeshes

RP Florida V2 - Thanks to Handi

Note: I can't be expected to make navmeshes for every map. If your map isn't listed here, you'll have to make it yourself. (Don't worry, it's not that hard.????)