Character Creator - The Best Character Creation Script

Character Creator - The Best Character Creation Script
This is the Character Creator addons, to improve the roleplay of your darkrp servers, This addons add many possibilities , You can create up to 3 different characters

Basics Informations :

This addons is easy-to-use as his configuration & materials file. Once connected to the server a nice panel appears and you can choose one of your 3 characters. If you have no one, you'll be able to create new one and to choose his rpname, model, nationality and more!You can switch between your characters by the NPC previously placed up by an admin with an easy-to-use toolgun menu. Protect your server from trollers : use the admin tool to edit players characters names ! Character Creator has many features and compatibilities (Medic Mod, Character & Clothes, ItemStore) and will please to your players.

Administrator Features :

✔️ Tool for spawn npc

✔️ Simple config file

✔️ Tool for modify character

Players Features :

✔️ Save of the Health

✔️ Save of the Armor

✔️ Save of the food

✔️ Save of the Wanted

✔️ Save of the Wanted Message

✔️ Save of the Warrant

✔️ Save of the Money

✔️ Save of the Weapons

✔️ Save of the Job

✔️ Save of the Position

✔️ Name Generator

✔️ Compatibilities with many addons