A.X.L Movable doors [ KeyPad & Doors ]

A.X.L Movable doors [ KeyPad & Doors ]
Worthy alternative for FD. You can create your own movable doors from props.

Attention! No longer supported!


Modification is a full-fledged alternative to Fading door. You can create your doors from popes. Each door has its own opening direction that you can customize as well as health. That is, if desired, the door can be both hacked and destroyed!

Also included are special beautiful keypads with the ability to set a graphical password, as well as give access to other players, which simplifies the password entry and speeds up the RP process.

Languages: Russian, English


  • Fading door creator
  • Movable door creator
  • Button
  • Keypad
  • Perma tool


  • Completely new keypads
  • More RP in using doors
  • Beautiful keypad interface
  • Easy to use
  • Quick installation, no configuration needed!
  • Flat and minimalistic design
  • DarkRP Support
  • Easy and intuitive tool configuration

ATTENTION Please, download SB version only if your server is non darkrp based!

x.x.x U - Universal version for Sandbox, DarkRP, TTT and etc.

How to use?

Please see Guide tab

How to install?

Please see Installation tab


It is recommended to remove Fading Doors and old keypads from the server